am a veteran ghostwriter, seasoned communicator, published author and creative director and consultant. My ability to write in the voice of my client, and the fact that I count integrity as the benchmark for success, has opened the door to work with many notable celebrities and personalities. If you desire to write your memoirs or a novel, short story, website content, marketing campaign or personal communication, making me your first choice is the wise thing to do.  I am perceptive and deadline savvy. Make the call and have one of America’s premier ghostwriters help you achieve success.

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Like all kids I took piano lessons until I couldnt stand the teacher any longer. All my ability to read music went out the door, but I loved the music so much I taught myself how to play by ear. I composed songs and had some recorded which was really great since I never played them the same way twice! Some friends of mine helped me out and the awesome Whispers recorded a song I did. How cool is that? Give it a listen on YouTube.


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